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Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce

An association of companies, professionals, and individuals, organized to promote and encourage trade between Chile and the United States as well as an intercultural understanding between the two countries. The chamber serves as a bridge of communication and information with respect to the opportunities made available to interested entities.

We invite you to join our Chamber and access all of the benefits that our members receive. Our community counts on a collaborative network of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals seeking to exchange ideas and business, while at the same time supporting cultural and artistic goals.

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Our Members

Choose to be part of one of the biggest networks of companies and people focused on promoting their commercial development on an international level.

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Your business will also be able to offer its custom services to our community and promote your brand within our digital channels. Other benefits include:

Participation in Events

The Chamber organizes and sponsors a wide range of events designed to promote business opportunities for our members.

Association with similar entities

Allows our members greater possibilities to interact and generate business with a wider variety of professionals and businesses.

Promotional Opportunities

The Chamber offers its members various possibilities to promote their products and services.

Trade Ties Chile-US

Activities relevant to our members, events and current news that affect Chile and the commercial relationship with the US



Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Online: 24 hours, 7 days a week

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8600 NW South River Drive,
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Virtual Meetings

In light of the pandemic, we are scheduling online meetings

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