• Multisectorial Trade
    Encounter of Authorities and Entrepreneurs of USA & Chile
    April 4, 5 & 6 - Santiago, Chile
    Take advantage of new business opportunities
    between Chile and the United States.
  • Promoting
    integration between Chile and USA
  • Seminarios, Misiones de Negocios
    Conferencias, Eventos artísticos y culturales
  • Financiados de manera exclusiva
    por la cuota de nuestros socios, somos una corporación sin fines de lucro

NEW Business Opportunities

April 4, 5 & 6 - 2017

Multisectorial Trade Mission.
We invite you to participate in this event.

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Annual Directory 2017

Participate with your company advertising, get an interview and much more...

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Member Benefits

Participation in Events

The Chamber organizes and sponsors a wide range of events designed to promote businesses opportunities to its members...

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Promotional Opportunities

The Chamber offers its members various possibilities to promote their products and services...

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Trade Ties Chile-US

Our members receive via email periodic information about relevant activities about its members...

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Chile U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an association of companies, professionals and individuals, organized to promote and encourage trade between Chile and the United States, with emphasis on South Florida, in addition to the inter-cultural understanding between the two countries.

To achieve this mission, the Chamber serves as a bridge of communication and information with respect to the opportunities that are made available to interested entities.

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