10 de mayo de 2012
Chile tiene ranking del mejor pais con cual hacer negocios en latinoamerica

El Latin Business Chronicle publico su indice anual de negocios latinoamericanos, cual es un ranking anual de los mejores y peores paises en la region con cuales hacer negocios. Chile tiene la mejor clima de negocios en latinoamerica.


Latin Business Index: Latin America's 
Best and Worst Business Climates
Latin Business Chronicle has just released its seventh annual Latin Business Index, its annual ranking of the best and worst countries to do business with in Latin America. Chilehas the best business climate in Latin America, followed byPanama and Peru. Read the full report now to see what factors have pushed Chile to number one. 


The index of 18 countries is the broadest measure of business climate in Latin America. It focuses on five categories using a methodology revised from 2011..

 The five key categories are:
  • Macro Environment (GDP growth 2010, 2011, estimated growth this year and forecasted growth next year, and percent inflation for those years.
  • Corporate Environment (taxes, labor environment, access to capital for entrepreneurs, ease of doing business and economic freedom).
  • Globalization & Competitiveness (globalization, competitiveness, tariffs, and security.
  • Infrastructure Level (Transport, technology penetration, access to water and quality of electricity supply).
  • Political Environment (political freedom, political stability, political outlook, business policies of government, transparency and intellectual property rights. 

    This new released Index is just another example of how Latin Business Chronicle continuously delivers one of a kind intelligence, found no where else. Subscribers save valuable time and money when researching data on the region enabling them to make informed business decisions.
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